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those not of Germanic temperament and back- ground. Even in Germany, where his star blazed supreme for more than a century, there is said to be less enthusiasm for him. He is slowly going out of fashion. But his decline is likely to be very slow. He is still a textbook for German youth and his words are still in the mouths of men. Of Schiller's dramas, JFilliam Tell has produced the deepest and most enduring impression. His dramas are full order abilify online canada of grave eloquence, and considerable coarseness, but critics have order generic abilify pointed out that no very exalted • moments mark his work. His best mood was one of dignified melancholy. In the first period of his literary career he abilify order online wrote three prose tragedies, followed by a blank verse tragedy, Don Carlos. order abilify no prescription During the following years he studied and wrote history and philosophy. His histories include The History of the Revolt in The Netherlands and History of the Thirty Years' War, both written with splendid dignity and both immensely popular. He also wrote a volume of Historical Memoirs. His abilify mg philosophical writings were largely an elucida- tion and widening of Kant's theories. Kant's Critique and Schiller's buy 20 mg abilify online The Robbers appeared in the same year, 1781. Deccmb;r 18, 1920.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 997 Goethe and Kant both had an immense influence buy abilify 5mg online on Schiller's work. Goethe's influence was direct. The two were inseparable friends during Schiller's later years. It was under Goethe's .stimulus that Schiller won fresh laurels in poetry at the time the two were abilify mg size coeditors of Die Horen and Thalia. In the last six years of his brief span of life Schiller produced five verse tragedies and part of a sixth. All are dominated by the idea of Nemesis. Schil- ler's admiration for abilify order canada Greek tragedy in his last few years left him always in search of subjects in which the Greek idea of destiny prevailed. Wallcnstcin was the most ambitious of the list, William Tell the most popular. The other three also are on his- torical subjects — Marie Stuart, based on the life buy 2mg abilify online of Mary, Queen o£ Scots; The Maid of Orleans, and The Bride of Messina. He also translated and adapted Macbeth and Gozzi's Turnadot, Racine's Phcdre, and two comedies by Picard. In the last two months of his life he began a new tragedy, Demetrius, based on no prescription abilify Russian history, which remains a fragment in two acts. Schiller died in 1805 at the age buy abilify online no prescription of forty-five. Personally he was one can you buy abilify online of the most lovable of men. As his great admirer, Thomas Carlyle, pointed out, he "had all the good qualities of the German character in abilify prescription program a high degree and few of its defects." POET AND PHILOSOPHER. Poet philosopher, Henri Bergson has been called, .sometimes with profound buy generic abilify online appreciation, sometimes with disparagement. Is he a poet, is he a phil- osopher, and in either capacity does he eflfect any benefit to humanity ? All men are full charged with poetry, according to his doctrines, for all are in- buy abilify online canada separably one with the stream of living, compact with all that has l)een, and charged with the possi- bilities of what may be. But even in the form of life at the head of the stream, the human, this full- ness is dumb. It manifests itself only imperfectly, restrained, yet always bursting the bonds of static definition ur of the materialism which it has set itself. Amid this multitude of restrained and unwitting poets there arises occasionally the rarer poet of expression. He sets forth in winged words the truth of these created limitations which are ordi- narily recognized as the sum of life. Much more he proclaims the compressed power which creates these, only again to outflow them. This is pregnant poetry. It is a philosophy of life which men crave, even if they know it not. Many philosophers have can i buy abilify online so befuddled their task of discovering the meanings in life that for such buy abilify online an one as Bergson it is fitting •to seek a new term. Philosopher, lover of wisdom, should become lover of life. His love of life is simple enough, genuine enough, to search for its meanings exactly where they are displayed, abilify prescription coupon just within our vital activities. The term humanist ought to cover the depth of his insight and the elasticity of his vision backward into the depths of Mind Energy, or onward into its unceasing creative activity. Therefore we may borrow this term from the "humanist" thinkers. Bergson reveals kinship

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